Start Your Home Health Care Practice

Be Part of the Solution

Launch your fall prevention-focused home health care practice with StandStrong.

As physical and occupational therapists, you know the danger and high cost of falls. Unfortunately, there are few easily accessible and effective fall prevention programs. StandStrong is helping to change all that with its focus on promoting individualized physical and occupational therapy to prevent falls.

Physical Therapists

Be on the frontline of fall prevention

As a physical therapist, you can help prevent falls and related injuries by providing individualized PT aimed at improving strength, balance and gait. Build your practice as part of our falls defense team.

Occupational Therapists

Be the key to community-based living

As an occupational therapist, you are uniquely qualified to help prevent falls by reducing household falls hazards and providing therapy to make walking and other every day activities safer. Build your practice as part of our falls defense team.

Start Your Own Practice

StandStrong firmly believes that the best place to help people avoid falls is in their homes and the most effective way to provide physical and occupational therapy in a patient’s home is by therapists in private practice.

To this end, StandStrong helps physical and occupational therapists successfully start, manage and grow their own private practices focusing on fall prevention.

To find out more about how to successfully start your own practice, please see our FAQs.