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If you're looking to build your physical or occupational therapy practice and further your mission of compassionate care, we want to work with you! We're seeking talented physical therapists and occupational therapists to join our fall prevention referral network.

All StandStrong partners focus on patient-centered care. Becoming a StandStrong partner gives practitioners access to patient referrals for fall prevention physical therapy and occupational therapy, our extensive clinical and compliance training resources and a variety of other benefits. Additionally, being part of our referral network means you'll be at the forefront of fall prevention strategies that help patients take back their independence and improve their quality of life.

Broadening the reach of the StandStrong System

StandStrong’s fall prevention system gives patients comprehensive strategies to increase mobility and reduce falls and debilitating injuries. Our goal is to help patients avoid injuries, build confidence and maintain their independence at home. Our program includes:

  1. One-on-one therapy, including perturbation training, to improve each patient’s balance, strength and gait.
  2. Reviewing patient’s daily/nightly routine and help modify activities to minimize fall risk.
  3. Training on avoiding falls in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas in and around the house.
  4. Home exercise program tailored to patient.
  5. If a patient is using a cane, walker or other assistive device, ensuring device is functional and used properly.
  6. Vision screen to help ensure impaired vision is not leading to a fall.
  7. Medication screen to help ensure one or a combination of medications do not increase the risk of a fall.

Therapists who partner with us will have access to all of the resources in our system and fulfill a vital role in preventing falls. Become a partner by contacting StandStrong directly at, by calling 855-824-8724, or sending a message online.

Helping improve quality of life

Every year, more than one out of four seniors experience a fall. One out of five of these falls leads to a severe injury. The fear of falling and serious injury has a detrimental impact on daily life. StandStrong’s fall prevention system helps older adults confidently return to their daily routine and maintain their independence.

Physical and occupational therapists help their older adult patients regain balance and increase leg and core strength which all aids in avoiding falls. Likewise, therapists show their patients how everyday activities, like cooking, cleaning, and getting in and out of the care, can be accomplished much more safely. By increasing confidence that daily activities can be accomplished with little risk of falling, older adults can see an almost instant improvement in their quality of life.

Referral network partnership benefits

Physical and occupational therapists who partner with StandStrong benefit in a variety of ways. First and foremost, partners are part of a highly-qualified team of medical professionals dedicated to providing the latest evidence-based physical therapy and occupational therapy to reduce patients’ chances of falling by over 50%.

All referral network partnership benefits:

  • Listing on the StandStrong website - all of our partners have a premium listing on our website (photo, bio, and website link). Our site uses SEO/SEM optimization for better visibility.
  • Patient referrals from StandStrong via our website search function or toll-free number
  • Use of StandStrong’s fall prevention PT/OT marketing collateral for patients and physicians
  • Regular updates on latest fall prevention research and public and private fall prevention initiatives
  • Access to fall prevention outcomes data from the entire StandStrong network
  • Use of StandStrong’s fall prevention patient satisfaction survey
  • At least 10 hours of online for clinical, coding and documentation training per year that qualifies for CEU credit. Courses include:
  • Fall Prevention PT/OT 101
  • Fall Prevention: It’s Time to Get Serious
  • Otago Training: Assessment, Strength and Balance Training
  • Fall Risk and Prevention: The New Geriactive Patient-History through Interventions
  • Hip Stability and Fall Prevention
  • Interventions Design to Optimally Progress Perturbation-Based Balance Training
  • Coding and Billing for Fall Prevention PT/OT
  • StandStrong partners will also have access to a variety of online courses focusing on the clinical, operational and financial aspects of outpatient physical and occupational therapy practices. These courses are taught by some of the foremost physical and occupational therapy experts in the country. And courses are added each month-keeping the content fresh and relevant.
  • Keys to Effectively Documenting Outpatient PT/OT
  • The Business of Providing PT/OT to Medicare Patients
  • Promoting Sleep Health: Guiding PT/OT to Better Sleep and Well-Being
  • Financial Benchmarking for Physical and Hand Therapy
  • Movement System Classification-based treatment Approach for the Hip, Pelvis, and Spine
  • Applied Clinical Anatomy for Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy
  • Critical Conversations: The Art of an Effective Subjective History
  • Neuroplasticity: Applications to Rehab Plans and Optimization
  • Therapeutic Loading in the Treatment of Tendinopathy
  • Impact of the Nervous System on Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  • Heel Pain-Plantar Fasciitis: Clinical Application of the American Academy of Orthopedic PT Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • PT Treatment of Heel Pain-Plantar Fasciitis
  • Movement System Classification-Based Treatment Approach for the Hip, Pelvis, and Spine
  • Posterior Hip Pain Evaluation and Management
  • Lateral Ankle Sprains-Physical Therapy Assessment and Treatment
  • PT Clinical Guidelines for Treatment of Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Nutrition Fundamentals for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Become a StandStrong referral network partner

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